our story

RDT EVENTS + BEAUTY is a full-service event planning and design company, as well as Toronto’s top beauty expert.  Lead designer and artist, Renata De Thomasis, began RDT BEAUTY in 2009, with a passion for style and beauty, RDT BEAUTY draws inspiration from colour, texture, fashion and the arts around her.  She is known for pouring her energy and imagination into designing the perfect, individualized look for each of her clients. 

Renata’s love of makeup artistry has allowed her to expand her creativity and inspiration - into the branch of RDT EVENTS - and applying it to the world of event design and party planning.  She crafts every event with her own unique brand of style and sophistication. What sets her apart is her hands-on approach to all event design and party planning.  We aren't just event planners: we sit with you to learn your wants, dreams and needs to help design the perfect party for you!  With the ability to visualize space, an intense attention to detail, and a flair for capturing the unimaginable, Renata creates fabulous celebrations that leave you breathless.  Offering both partial and full service event design, styling, planning and production for the most intimate gatherings to the most lavish of events. We will take care of every details with inspired vision, style and poise, helping to create the experience of a lifetime for you and your guests.  No matter the event type or size, no matter how simple or complex, RDT EVENTS will handle all the details.  

As a top graduate of Complections International 2009, lead makeup artist, Renata De Thomasis, is an accomplished and highly creative artist in all areas of media, including: editorial, fashion, TV, film, theatre, and special effects. Her distinct style allows her work to stand out from other makeup artists; best known for her natural, flawless-skin approach to make-up, Renata’s signature style captures and enhances the natural and individual beauty of every client who sits in her chair. Her dedication, enthusiasm and thorough understanding of this art form are illustrated in the results of every project she undergoes.  Renata’s work speaks volumes of her creativity and innovation, while at the same time conveying her friendly and professional nature.

Work with Renata to welcome your ideas and intensify your vision; her signature style is all about making your perfect day, perfectly you!